Is it possible?

Is it possible to be nervous when sitting in front of a computer screen? Apparently, because I have been contemplating the initial post for my blog for…dare I say, weeks? Yup, it’s true. So here goes:

        Welcome to my blog! I plan to share stories of strength and adventure, as well as recipes, fitness, and life happenings.

         I feel like I have a TON of different ideas for blog posts and what I want my blog to look like, function as, etc. Basically, I have a vision and an end goal. It is the journey there that is a little unclear (isn’t that the way is usually is though?!). The blog world isn’t the only place I experience this. And I am pretty sure that everyone gets this. It is what dreams are made of! So, with this blog I hope to document the little steps of each day that lead up to the big (or small) dreams.

So tell me, what is your big, crazy, theysayitwonthappen dream?

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