Rainy Day at Target

Target: the mecca of all things that I didn’t know I needed until I found them at Target!

Case in point:

A robe and a polka dot scarf! The ultimate fashion statement on a rainy day. I am pretty sure robes are something that you always think about buying but never actually do…until of course you find the softest, just right length, with pretty trim one at Target at a fairly reasonable price!

As for the scarf rationalization: it’s an easy $14.99 update for any outfit right? Even light gray robes…(Warning: Friends and Family may avoid you if you decide to pair these in public!)

Note cards! I am not sure that I have anyone to thank with a card at the moment, but they were yellow and on a rainy day, one is attracted to all things yellow, bright, and flowery! Besides, I can still fit the lid on my note card box-so that means I needed more!

And Larabars….do I really need to explain? Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte? Blueberry Muffin? Normal, readable, good for you ingredients? I’ll say no more!

I fully planned on wearing my robe and scarf, eating Larabars, and writing notes to all the people in my address book contact list…but then this happened:

What’s your favorite rainy day splurge?

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