It’s True: I really like what I eat!

I had some thoughts today during my snack…

An apple, carrots, and nuts…inspiring eh?

Real food that is the perfect mix of crunchy, sweet, and salty. Fiber and fats to keep me full and functioning until dinner time. In the blog world this is probably a pretty typical, easy snack. What other people consider a snack? Potato chips, ‘fruit snacks’, pastries, and candy. Then there is the hangry outburst an hour later…

Personally, I have a long history of people commenting on my food. Unfortunately, comments seemed to be more negative. This was especially true during my shifts at a chain pizza restaurant. It’s all: ‘I could never do that,’ ‘but when do you eat real food? (um…since when is chicken and sweet potato not real food?), or ‘you really like that?!’ For a while I really struggled with these comments and would try to avoid eating during a shift (almost impossible for me!) or scarfing my food in the back of the kitchen.

Then came the positive…’ooh what do you have today Tara?’ is the type of comment that I have been getting lately during the faculty lunch time at the school where I substitute teach. It took me a bit to realize that they were truly positive, inquisitive comments. Funny thing, I still kind of hide my food behind my lunch bag as to avoid comments-even though they are positive! I am so used to having to feel ‘bad’ about eating ‘healthy’ or defending myself, when really I am eating the foods that I like and make me feel good – I manage enough hangry meltdowns without the processed sugary carb ‘food’ as it is!

So what’s my point? I am owning it! Yes, I really do like the foods that I eat. I promise. I’ll choose the carrots and apple over the snack cake any day.

Another benefit of the real food snack: when I share with this Guy, his insides don’t mind!

What is your experience with food comments? Good, bad, both?

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