National Scrabble Day

Happy National Scrabble Day! Not sure how I know this…I think I found out while reading the [poor excuse for a daily] newspaper. Scrabble may be one of my favorite games…after Apples to Apples. Omg..dork much? I am not a fan of regular board games…so so boring…I don’t like to wait for it to be my turn. And I forget who’s turn it is so…yeah, you can only imagine.

But Scrabble!?! Coming up with super awesome words that have outrageous scores? Totally my thing! And Words with Friends…a whole new world for me! I have been demanding that we play Scrabble on National Scrabble Day for approximately….3 weeks?? Ihavenolife.

My other brainstorm? Paleo Friendly Pizza on National Scrabble Day! Plus, it’s Friday and what doesn’t say Friday like yummy, cheesy, pizza (andhardcider)?

Paleo Friendly Pizza:

For the Crust: I used Robb Wolf’s recipe, but you could also try one of these recipes. Or a cauliflower crust. Options people!

Toppings: Anything goes here. I chose tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, ham, spinach and mushrooms. I am sure that you can be way more creative that, but I highly recommend the caramelized onions!

Also, if you are still trying to decide on a crust, Robb Wolf’s recipe is slightly sweeter than a traditional crust. I enjoyed it, but I think it would be better suited for a breakfast pizza. Which is on my mental list of recipes to make.

Now if someone asks you what your plans are for Friday night you can say: making Paleo Pizza and playing Scrabble! Bonus points if you actually admit that you are looking forward to playing Scrabble!

What’s your favorite non-traditional pizza topping?

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