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All Things Fall

Happy First Day of Fall! I welcomed the new season in with a 7 mile trail run/jog/walk. A friend and I have been making a point of running one ‘long’ run a week. Every week we seem to accomplish a new goal. It started out with a four mile run, and we have increased out mileage up to 7 miles, changed up the route, added hills, and now trails! Although the beginning of our run was a bit rough: steep hills and pouring rain, we stuck it out and the trail eventually evened out.

Discovering my love for running has been a thrill. I never thought I would be running the distances that I do now. And there is no better feeling than the moment when you finish a run! I have always chosen weights over cardio, but I love exploring all of the different running options: sneakers, fuel, clothing, terrain-so many ways to change it up! Post on current running faves to come!

I am looking forward to enjoying my fair share of apples and pumpkin goodies this Fall! I have already started bookmarking every pumpkin recipe I come across.

Even Guy likes a little pumpkin in his life!

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Do you have any fitness goals for this new season?


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Summer Recap

So, I thought I’d re-enter the world of blogging with a little summer recap. And then I’ll be officially prepared to embrace all things Fall.

This past summer was unlike any other summer. I learned a lot about myself and what I can do to create my own happiness, moved out of my family home and into a new apartment, fell in love with two of the happiest children ever, and took chances without knowing what the outcome may be.

I was lucky enough to find a job working as a nanny for a family with two children. As a teacher, I am fairly experienced in working with children, but it turns out that working with kids in a school setting is very different from taking care of them in their home! I learned so much while spending my days with these two happy, smart, and creative kids. They taught me to take joy in the little things of life: dressing themselves as superheroes for the day, running through sprinklers, reading stories for hours on end… Those two smiling faces were definitely a high light of my summer.

 One of my favorite memories: “No girls allowed!”

The next big thing: moving into an apartment with a friend. Although it was bittersweet to be officially moving out of the home I spent my childhood in, it was time. My new found independence was thrilling and invigorating! Plus, spending an evening with my parents and enjoying a home cooked meal is so much more appreciated! That only happens approximately 3 times a month week (Love you Mama!). Recently, I was reminding of how important friends are when I received a lovely card and recipe book as a house warming gift-so cute!

Along with loving my job and new home, I also made of point of spending quality time with friends and family. Hanging out by the lake, fireworks, visiting local wineries, and taking in all of the fresh fruit and vegetables were all a huge part of my summer. A little photo recap:



         And to go out with a bang…

  I feel like I just took a little walk through Summer. Up next: cool, crisp Fall Adventures!

What is your favorite summer memory?

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