All Things Fall

Happy First Day of Fall! I welcomed the new season in with a 7 mile trail run/jog/walk. A friend and I have been making a point of running one ‘long’ run a week. Every week we seem to accomplish a new goal. It started out with a four mile run, and we have increased out mileage up to 7 miles, changed up the route, added hills, and now trails! Although the beginning of our run was a bit rough: steep hills and pouring rain, we stuck it out and the trail eventually evened out.

Discovering my love for running has been a thrill. I never thought I would be running the distances that I do now. And there is no better feeling than the moment when you finish a run! I have always chosen weights over cardio, but I love exploring all of the different running options: sneakers, fuel, clothing, terrain-so many ways to change it up! Post on current running faves to come!

I am looking forward to enjoying my fair share of apples and pumpkin goodies this Fall! I have already started bookmarking every pumpkin recipe I come across.

Even Guy likes a little pumpkin in his life!

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Do you have any fitness goals for this new season?

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