Columbus Day Adventures

Every Sunday night I wish for an extra day of the weekend. Just one more day to relax, spend time with family and friends, and eat good food. (Because those are the essentials to a good weekend!) This past weekend, my wish for an extra day came true! A friend and I decided to go exploring in honor of Columbus Day. I know he isn’t the greatest role model, but you can’t complain about a three day weekend! So we went exploring, in search of colorful leaves, photo opportunities, and grape pie.

Gorgeous tree colors!

Our first stop was the Lake. Standing at the docks, my entire summer came rushing back. Long afternoons listening to the kids laugh, reading stories, and handing out snacks. I’d take it back in an instant. It was a gorgeous fall morning and some wonderful photos were taken. Me pretending to be fancy with my iphone.

The Depot

We continued on to Naples, NY. Home of grape pies and wind turbines. And the most amazing farmer’s market ever. The array of pumpkins, gourds, squash, and apples was stunning! I get the greatest joy out of admiring all the different types of pumpkins. They had 80 and 90 pound pumpkins for sale, along with Peanut Pumpkins! I picked up some apples and a grape oatmeal bar. I figured an entire grape pie wouldn’t be the best idea!

     I am not sure what purpose these have, but they are amusing!

We walked along the main street of Naples, checked out an art gallery, and then visited Grimes Glen. I always think of a grumpy gnome when I hear that name. After crossing the stream we walked up a short trail to a gorgeous waterfall. It was so peaceful and quiet! The colors on the leaves were so brilliant!

Along the trail

The waterfall at the end of the trail!

Upstream from the waterfall

After some google mapping (cheating I know), we navigated to some of the wind turbines that have become quite common in this area. There is a lot of controversy over these machines, but I find them very intriguing. Their size, the humming noise-they remind me of something other-worldly. Standing underneath them is incredible-they are so huge! I got quite the thrill out of this stop!

One of many of the wind turbines

By this point it was quite late in the afternoon and my stomach was beyond hungry. We ended up back at the head of the lake and ate at a BBQ restaurant. Pulled pork and sweet potato fries with extra ketchup! It was a delicious way to end our adventure!

So delicious!

The grape oatmeal bar was also quite yummy!

This was probably the most adventurous Columbus Day that I have ever had. In the past I have used it to catch up on my to-list. Although I often think about getting in my car and going for a ride just to see what I find, I have never actually done it! It was nice to have a day without a set plan and schedule.

What would you do with an extra day of the weekend?

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