Mama is Always Right [And other Life Tips]: How to Rock Any Workout

Exercise is a must have in my life. It improves and supports my mood, energy, confidence, and physical health. And I fully believe that everyone should engage in some type of physical activity-even if it is as simple as taking a walk after dinner. The endorphin rush that I get after a workout, whether lifting weights, running, or hiking is amazing. Any negative energy that I may have had has disappeared and I feel as if I can take on and conquer the world. Who wouldn’t love that feeling?


However, I am not always jumping for joy before my workout. Everyone has low energy, lazy, days. Ironically, those are the days when a workout is the most beneficial-for both the body and mind! So, what do I do when I am looking for some workout motivation and energy?

My Mama’s famous last words: “Go turn some music on and start dancing and you will feel so much better.”

Top Three Tips for Workouts

1. Find a friend. Whether it be your mom (as in my case) or a friend, find someone who will encourage and inspire you to get moving. Bonus points if you can find someone who will join you! A workout buddy is an awesome motivator.

2. Be Stylin’! Wear clothes that make you feel strong, sexy, and are suitable for your activity. Lifting weights? Slim fitting, flattering clothes will allow you to move through your work out easily and show off those muscles! Going for a run? Moisture wicking, light clothing is a must. Be sure that there are no rough seems or fabrics that will cause chafing. Spandex and polyester are your best friends in this zone! Downward dog time? Leggings and slim fitting tops that have higher necklines will help you hit every pose and keep you covered.

3. Set the Tunes! Unless you prefer your workout sans music, getting the right tunes flowing will definitely help pump up your energy levels. This can make or break my workouts. For lifting I love anything from rock ‘make you feel tough’ to pop ‘make you want to dance’ music.

What are you waiting for?! Go get your workout on!

What is your favorite way to get energized for a workout?

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