Happy Weekend: A Recap

A Beautiful Day for a Walk!

This weekend was pretty fabulous. Family, food, and beautiful fall weather does that. I didn’t even find myself wishing for an extra day. But maybe that’s what sleeping in until 7:21 am and not having to be to work until 11:30 am on a Monday does to you!

Fall Decorations: My Favorite!

This weekend was filled with family time. My big little brother was home for his fill of family craziness, and we had family from out-of-town visiting. The recurring thought that I had all weekend was: I am so incredibly happy right now!

Whether I was freezing volunteering with Girls on the Run, indulging in some homemade vino, or whipping up some delicious pumpkin bars…I was consumed by an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Pre-Dinner Family Walk

I think even Mother Nature is a little apprehensive to let summer go. Upstate New York was a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. I was able to break out the flip-flops one last time!

Since we are focused on happiness: I finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. What a great read! It inspired me to respond to rudeness with kindness, remind me to focus on the positive, and finally, not every moment will be happy or successful. My advice to you: Read it!!

Share some of the happiness from your weekend!

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