Friday Funk

Today is Friday, which should mean that the entire world is in a good mood. And normally I’d be right there with the rest of the world, but for some reason I have a case of the blues today. There is no particular reason, and I have a lot to look forward to this weekend, but I’m just feeling a little  down, grumpy, antisocial. I stocked up on groceries for the week this morning before working  half a day today. Grocery shopping is normally a task that I look forward to, but I was feeling a little overwhelmed with it today-I am prepping for a Whole30 so I think that may have something to do with it.

However, once I got home from work I decided that I needed to clean out my cabinets and got to work making my Dad some milk chocolate peanut raisin clusters. He has a serious sweet tooth, so I know that he will be thrilled to get these. I found my mood improving as I thought about how happy the clusters would make him. His job has been quite demanding lately, and he took some time last weekend to install some fixtures in my apartment, so I think some specialty sweets are needed! My family has a tradition of making chocolate candy for my Dad every Christmas. Usually we make him cashew clusters and then I always have to be creative and make up a little ‘Santa’s Candy Shoppe’ label. So corny I know!

Spreading the Love!

Milk Chocolate Peanut Raisin Clusters

6 ounces Milk Chocolate
1/2 cup peanuts
1/3 cup raisins

Directions: Melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler. Remove from heat and add peanuts and raisins. Mix thoroughly and drop by tablespoon onto wax paper. Let harden and enjoy with the ones you love most!

**Note: Cashews, almonds, and toasted coconut are also great in these!
Other things that helped to improve my mood:

Dinner was a huge veggie, protein, and healthy fat filled salad…

Mood boosting vitals!

Orange seltzer…

The straw adds to the happy!

Music helped improved my mood-break out the crazy dance moves please! In the plans for tonight is a sweet chick flick and an early bedtime. Tomorrow is a new day!

How do you break out of a funk??

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