Waiting on My Running Mojo

My running energy has recently taken a huge nosedive. No matter the situation: early morning, late afternoon, short run, long run, solitary, or meeting up with a friend-I’ve lost all desire to run! After my trail run in October my body needed some serious rest and recovery, so I took a week off from running and lifting. It was a much needed break for my body and mind! I focused on restoring and repairing my body with nutritious foods, lots of rest, and a few long walks. I kept waiting for the urge to run to return…and it seems I’m still waiting.

Sunshine in New York!

The cold weather here in New York combined with the lack of sunshine (until this weekend!) definitely hasn’t helped my running mojo. I tend to be cold from October to May (and I wish I were exaggerating!). So the cooler temperatures are less than inspiring. In the past, my running fever has started up in the spring and carried me through the summer, cooling off once the fall and winter temperatures set in. I tend to only run outside-I don’t love the treadmill! However, this is the first year that I’ve gotten fairly serious about running and have begun to enjoy it for the sake of running rather than as a means of exercise. Did someone say long run endorphin rush? This means that long runs, the technicalities of running gear, and post run nutrition have become part of my vernacular! I don’t want to lose my running muscles, so I now have a goal to continue with my running though the winter. No biggie right?! Now if only I could find some my running mojo!

My goal is to run at least twice a week. And in the past few weeks I have accomplished that. They weren’t stellar runs, and nothing longer than 4 miles, but I was out there and moving! I did recently purchase some awesome new running gear thanks to discount deals at TJ Maxx: lined base layers and a sweet new orange sweatshirt. That may mean that I now have approximately 4 running shirts that are orange… Apparently that is my running color!

New Warm Running Gear = Amazing Running?!

I ran the other day with a friend and was reminded of how good it felt to be out and moving. It took a bit to get into my groove, but by mile 3 I was feeling good! Thank you endorphin rush! Discussing our upcoming Thanksgiving dessert plans also helped!

Today I have plans to head to the track and complete a ladder workout: (and soak up some vitamin D!)

Track Ladder Workout:

  • 4 Laps (1 mile)
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Push ups, 20 Lunges
  • 3 Laps
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Push Ups, 20 Squats
  • 2 Laps
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Push Ups, 20 Lunges
  • 1 Lap (Sprinting!)
  • 10 Burpees, 20 Push Ups, 20 Squats

Hopefully my happy running face will be returning soon!

What do you do when your running/lifting/other exercise you love motivation is lacking?

Have any tips for cold weather running? (I need them!)

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