A Recap: Thanksgiving



The past few days have been nothing short of glorious. Family, food, and some much needed down time! I am slowly adjusting to the idea that I will be entering back into the real world tomorrow. Also known as work, meal planning, laundry, and bill paying…

Thanksgiving Eve (yes that is a real thing!), was spent baking pies. Four pies to be exact. Dutch Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, and a Paleo Pumpkin. This is one of my favorite traditions of Thanksgiving-baking with my Mama! The Dutch Apple was the star of the show. Hands down favorite and first to be gone. The much looked forward to pumpkin pie was just eh. The walnut crust was not my favorite. I like these much better.

Thursday = Turkey Day!

I woke up early…as in 6:30 am early. I couldn’t contain my excitement! True story. I prepared my additions for the feast: a hummus and veggie platter and Melissa’s Waldorf Salad. So yummy! I think it is going to become a staple at all of our holiday meals! Ironic that my contributions centered around vegetables and fruit no??


1. Banagrams 2. Hazlitt Wineries Spyder Bite Vino
  3. Waldorf Salad 4. Veggies and Hummus

Then I went for a short, brisk run in the sunshine. I had considered doing a local Turkey Trot, but glad I opted out and did my solo run. It was nice to enjoy the quiet of the morning and reflect on all that I had to be thankful for!

After some Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade watching, I showered and loaded up all of my goodies. The rest of the day was spent eating, cooking, walking in the sunshine (and moonlight), playing Bananagrams (new favorite game!), eating, laughing, snuggling with puppies, and watching The Incredibles (animated movies for grown ups-yes!). It was a good day!


1. The Main Attraction: Turkey and Stuffing 2. Papa’s Candied Yams
3. Well Fed‘s Butternut Squash 4. Well Fed’s Green Beans

The whole day was my favorite. And the food seemed like it was the best ever. I love that my Mom and I made sure to add some of our recent favorite recipes. All three from Melissa alone! The end of the day was bittersweet. I didn’t want it to be over! These helped though… 


1. Dutch Apple Heaven 2. Cherry 3. Pumpkin 4. Table of Desserts!

A Sweet Ending to a Beautiful Day of Family!

Sleepy Puppy!

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Or any day lately…

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