Life Lately

It seems that no matter how hard I try to post during the week it never happens. Life seems to take over and so my days are spent working, going to basketball practice/games, then finally making it home just in time to prep for the next day and face plant into bed as quickly as possible. Repeat times five! Unfortunately, my energy has been less than stellar this week, so work outs have been severely lacking. Hopefully I’ll be back to some sort of routine soon! In the meantime…

I am continuing my love affair with all things squash. My Dad picked up one of these beauties and we spent last Sunday afternoon hacking, baking, and scooping! We ended up with ten bags to store in the freezer. This might last me a month…

My Heaven!

My Heaven!

I am baking these

And yes they are magical!

And yes they are magical!

I will hopefully be spending some quality down time with this face…


What do you do to help restore your energy?

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