It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Last weekend marked the official (for me anyways!) start of the Christmas season! It was a busy few days filled with friends, yummy eats, and Christmas lights! Saturday began with a Christmas tree hunt. This is the first year that I have lived on my own, so that means that it’s also the first time that I’ve had to make a serious decision regarding the ‘perfect’ tree. In the past, it was normally up to my Dad to pick up a pre-cut tree from a roadside stand. This resulted in some really interesting trees. One year, our Christmas pine resembled more of a giant bush than a tree, and other years it has had more than a few bare spots. We still love them all the same though! This probably explains why I find the whole obsession with finding the perfect tree slightly ironic and amusing. My family’s theme consists of lots of colored lights, primary school ornaments from when my brother and I were little (ever tried to eat a 20 year old gumdrop?!), keepsake ornaments, and a few highly breakable (aka I do not go near them!) ornaments that have been passed down through the family. After running some errands, my friends and I ventured to the Christmas tree farm. Thankfully, it was not very cold out! After walking for a bit we found the right tree…

Fresh from the farm to the car!

Fresh from the farm to the car!

It was surprisingly simple to get the tree into my apartment and set it up in the tree stand! Then it was time to get ready to go to Sparkle! Sparkle is a local Christmas Festival full of lights, vendors, and performers. This is the second year that I have gone-there is always a crazy amount of people, but it is exciting to be out with everyone welcoming in the holiday season! We made it into a girls’ night and went for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: Holmes’ Plate. Burger, sweet potato fries, and a Blue Moon! Yum!

Christmas Carol Coloring and Dinner

Christmas Carol Coloring and Dinner

After dinner we walked through the festival, taking in all of the sights! We checked out a new olive oil and vinegar store, inspected a display of homemade fudge (no purchasing though!), and stumbled upon some free mini cupcakes! Definitely one of the highlights of the night!

Sparkling Lights!

Sparkling Lights!

Once we had gotten our fill of people, we headed to Walmart to pick of some things. Mostly unexciting household items, but I did manage to find some Häaggen-Daz peppermint bark ice cream! I have been obsessed with all things peppermint lately.

1. Fudge, 2. Mini Cupcake and Coffee, 3. Christmas Twinkles

1. Fudge, 2. Mini Cupcake and Coffee, 3. Christmas Twinkles

The night ended with peppermint ice cream and popcorn, plus a some Gilmore Girls! I felt like I was in college again-that was the last time I watched Gilmore Girls. Currently, Parenthood is my new favorite show! It has been serving as a stress reliever!

Ice cream and popcorn = two of my favorite treats!

Ice cream and popcorn = two of my favorite treats!

So, this is an update on the last weekend when it is already the weekend again. As I said before, time goes so quick during the week! This weekend will be a continuation of preparing for Christmas with shopping, more decorating at my parents’ house, and pumpkin gingerbread cake!

Apartment Xmas Tree

What is your favorite way to get into the Christmas ‘spirit’?

Any shows that you just can’t get enough of?


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2 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

  1. Molly

    My family also has a tendency to get “special” trees. My mom would come home with trees missing chunks of branches and that lean to the side because she would feel bad no one else wanted them. This also goes for Halloween pumpkins.

  2. Lol-I had to laugh out loud at that! I am all about the tradition of unique trees! It makes the holiday much more memorable and meaningful!

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