Things Lately: Chilling Out

This week was a bit rough. Long days, lots of ups and downs with emotions and energy. By the end of the week I found myself feeling incredibly anxious, unable to calm down, yet exhausted. Tired and wired? So, I’ve been doing my best to take small steps to chill out and enjoy the weekend. I need some down time in order to recoup for next week, the last week of work before Christmas!

Steps for Chilling Out:

1. Watching Santa’s reindeer via the Reindeer Cam. I discovered this during my insomnia Friday night. I literally get thrills of excitement when I watch the reindeer!

2. Shopping during the Christmas Rush when my shopping is already done. Thank you online shopping! Some friends were going Christmas shopping, so I tagged along to experience the craziness of the holiday rush! And maybe stock up on some Mint M & Ms…


Not the greatest picture, but I stopped an entire crowd in order to snap this! Must soak up every bit of Christmas!

3. Christmas Movies! So far I have watched The Santa Clause and Elf… Any other recommendations?

4. Wrapping Presents. I love love love giving gifts, so wrapping them is slightly thrilling for me! And I can’t wait for my family to open theirs!

5. Eating dinner by Christmas lights. This may be my new habit. With Christmas music playing in the background (thank you Pandora), it is so comforting!

6. Parenthood. Is anyone else obsessed with this show? Even though the episodes lately leave me in tears, I still love it. I have been watching it on Hulu as a way to relax and forget the day.

7. Carrot Cake Pancakes. Yes. They are as amazing as they sound. My picture doesn’t quite do them justice, but check out Juli’s pictures and recipe. Forget about cookies, I know what I am leaving for Santa now! Topped with Niki’s Coconut Butter of course!


Santa needs his Vitamin A for all of that night time flying!

8. Etsy is my new favorite place to scroll and shop! I have order a few Christmas gifts from here. I love that I feel like I am supporting a better cause rather than the big box stores. Plus, hand made and unique gifts are so much more meaningful and fun to give! Plus, whether it is jewelry, ornaments, or artwork, many of the artists have the option of personalizing. I have an odd obsession with having things monogrammed and personalized with initials, so this is a great perk for me! Have you checked out Etsy before? Do you have any favorite shops?

9. Chocolate. I don’t think I need to explain that one! Is it wrong to be looking forward to my annual stock up on chocolate that happens on Christmas morning?

10. Walking and lifting! Although I haven’t been able to work out as much as I’d like lately, I have gotten in a couple of good lifting sessions, and I went for a walk yesterday in the sunshine. Have to get those endorphins pumping!

So tell me…how do you chill out, calm down, relax? Especially during this crazy season of holiday rushing?



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2 responses to “Things Lately: Chilling Out

  1. Molly

    I’ve never watched Parenthood before, but everyone says how much they love it!

    • It is a great show-the actors are awesome, there are happy moments as well as sad ones. I love that it is so realistic, but not in the reality t.v. way! I would definitely recommend watching it!

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