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I wore my green and white today. For Sandy Hook Elementary. I am still in disbelief, despite watching the news coverage. As a teacher, I was a little hesitant to go to school today. I wondered how the administration would handle it. Would there be changes? I worried about the students. Especially the younger ones-do they really understand what happened? How will they deal with the emotions that come with this horrific event?

Unfortunately, the administration asked for discussion to be kept to a minimal. I say unfortunately because I don’t think that we are helping anyone by ignoring it. If students have questions or worries that go unanswered, then their focus will not be on learning. I felt like I was on high alert throughout the day-any loud noise or odd behavior seemed to stand out to me.

During basketball practice my head coach acknowledged that we all might be working through some emotions. She reminded us that we need to make our time here the best, to focus on the larger picture, not just the tiny moments that we tend to get caught up in. And then she shared this: If we only woke up each morning with what we had thanked God for the night before, what would we have?


My heart goes out to the families and people of Newtown.

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