More Christmas

This is actually a post from last week that I started and did not have a chance to finish. Last week was a bit rough. Three days in a row of not getting home until after 9 pm due to basketball practice and games! However, I was really good about fitting in my ‘errands’: Christmas shopping, post office, dishes, taking the garbage out…you know-all that ‘grown up’ stuff! Probably seems inconsequential to most people, but I am still learning how to balance and remember it all! Anyways, let’s get to an update on the weekend-the fun stuff!
I spent last Saturday with a 9-year-old…(aka baby-sitting). Since it is so close to Christmas we had made plans to bake cookies. Cue the excitement and chaos! We ended up making sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. Five hours and many finger-fulls of dough later, we had more cookies than we knew what to do with! My partner in crime was quite the decorator-not only frosting the cookies, but also giving them faces, names, and personalities. Needless to say, it was a day well spent!
Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Sunday was a day of pretending to be Santa Claus (best game ever, yes?). My brother and I have gone shopping with my Dad for my Mom’s Christmas gifts since we were little. With my brother away at college, it was just my Dad and I on Sunday. We started out the day with a huge breakfast at a local diner. One of the best breakfasts out that I’ve had in a long time! It was nice to catch up and spend some time with my Dad as well. Then it was off to hunt down the perfect gifts! I also picked up some gifts for people on my list, so it was a pretty successful trip.
Spinach-bacon omelette and coffee!

Spinach-bacon omelette and coffee!

After a lunch of cookies and almond milk (we are pretending to be Santa still right?), we went and picked out a Christmas tree for my parents’ house. Always a challenge and a thrill to find the ‘right’ tree. Not too tall, not too wide…
1. Tiny baby Christmas tree that I had to snap a picture of! 2. Christmas in a bowl: Radishes, 3. Lights!, 4. Pumpkin-gingerbread cake

1. Tiny baby Christmas tree that I had to snap a picture of! 2. Christmas in a bowl: Radishes, 3. Lights!, 4. Pumpkin-gingerbread cake

Bringing the decorations down from the attic, getting the tree into the house, it can be a tiny bit stressful. In order to fuel our tree decorating, I made pumpkin gingerbread cake. So good! It is definitely a make again recipe!
Mia was a bit overwhelmed with all of the decorating!

Mia was a bit overwhelmed with all of the decorating!

It's all worth it in the end!

It’s all worth it in the end!

My excitement for the holidays is getting harder and harder to contain! I now know why all of the kids in school are unable to focus during lessons and are bouncing off the walls! I love the decorations, preparations, giving gifts, and spending time with family and friends. In general people seem to be in a better mood as well-the holiday cheer is being spread! Despite my busy schedule lately, I am trying really hard to make some time to enjoy all of the festivities.
Santa's Littlest Helper!

Santa’s Cutest Elf!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?


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4 responses to “More Christmas

  1. I love that picture of your dog! Bless her heart, the excitement was too much, I guess! Do you coach basketball? When I first started teaching, I was a high school assistant and head junior high basketball coach. Good times!

    • Thanks! She is quite the sweetie! I am an assistant coach for the high school that I work at. Ironically, I didn’t play in high school and until recently, didn’t even know anything about it! It has been quite the learning experience, but I am really enjoying it. I wish that I had played when I was younger!

  2. Molly

    It’s definitely not inconsequential! I’ve been in the “real world” for over 4 years and I still have trouble balancing everything. There’s so much to get done, and only so much time in the day. It’s hard not to feel like you’re falling behind.

    • I am so glad that you shared this-makes me feel like I am not inadequate! I just need to remind myself to do a little every day, rather than try to get things done all at once!

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