What I Learned at Yoga Today…

First off, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you! Taking some time to remember that this is more than a day off for some of us is important. I attended a yoga class today and the instructor’s word for the day was ‘intention.’ She encouraged us to move through our practice intentionally and with integrity. I thought that this was very fitting for other areas of life as well. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities of life. Taking a moment to recognize the others that came before us and made their mark is important.

I attended a hot yoga session at a private studio with two friends. I don’t practice yoga nearly as much as I should, but I occasionally do videos at home. A friend and I discovered this studio last summer and we have been in love with it ever since! Unfortunately, I do not get to attend nearly as often as I’d like because it is a bit of a drive. The instructors at the studio are wonderful, guiding you through each pose and providing alternatives and adjustments as needed. The dim lighting, flowing music, and friendly atmosphere never fail to make me feel complete relaxed and comfortable. I have found that practicing yoga at a studio forces me to think only of the poses and how my body feels. During my practice, I let my mind wander and relax…

A few things that I learned along the way are…

1. I need to incorporate yoga into my life and make it a weekly habit. The stretching is incredibly beneficial for my muscles and hips! Plus, it encourages me to practice my mental strength and patience while holding poses and focusing only on yoga for an hour. There are few other activities in my life that require me to maintain my focus for that length of time! (The downside of no longer being in school!)

2. I need to incorporate a intention into my daily choices and habits. I have found myself saying yes to any and every opportunity within the last few months. While taking chances and trying new things is something that I advocate for, I have a tendency to make commitments without thoroughly thinking them through. With that, I need to focus on exploring new options that will bring positive change into my life!

3. Warrior pose is my favorite. Challenging, but it makes me feel strong. I also love child’s pose for the sake of relaxation!

Smoothie Trio!

Smoothie Trio!

After yoga, we went to lunch at a local cafe. The menu is based on all natural, fresh ingredients and includes unique wraps and salads, as well as fruit smoothies and juices. I treated myself to a ‘Thanksgiving’ wrap with turkey, swiss cheese, and cranberry sauce, as well as a ‘Sweet Carrot’ smoothie. I have been craving smoothies lately, despite the bitter cold New York weather! I am also fighting a cold, so those extra vitamins were definitely needed!

The Thanksgiving Wrap!

And That’s a Wrap!

Do you incorporate yoga into your health/fitness routine?


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2 responses to “What I Learned at Yoga Today…

  1. moderngirlnutrition

    What a delicious lunch! It really is like Thanksgiving in a tortilla:)

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