The 28 Days of Blogging: Goals, Goals, Goals

Happy First Day of February! The first day of the month is always refreshing for me-it is like a clean slate ready for new goals and adventures!I recently stumbled upon Katy Widrick’s incredibly helpful and informative blog and discovered that she was hosting a 28 Day Blog Challenge. This challenge is focused on building not only a better blog, but also a better blog community! Check out Katy’s Challenge Loop Link to join the fun!


I have been reading blogs for years, but didn’t work up the courage to have one of my own until last spring. I have yet to establish a blogging routine or focus. I blog when I feel like I have something worth sharing and the blogging ‘bug’ seems to come and go. My lack of knowledge pertaining to technology and blogging can also be a huge obstacle at times! I know that I’d like to focus on fitness, nutrition, and health overall, but I am still struggling to find my niche. So, I am super excited to take part in this 28 day challenge. I have some ideas for goals that I’d like to accomplish during this time, but I am also looking forward to Katy’s recommendations and I’d like to learn a few blogging tips along the way!

They say the one of the easiest ways to make sure you accomplish your goals is to share them with the world, so here goes!

February Blogging Goals:

1. Comment on at least 3  different blogs every day. Or have a total of 21 comments each week.

2. 3 New Recipes for the month of February.

3. Start a Twitter Account?

4. Blog at least 3 times a week for the month of February. This will help me focus on my consistency with blogging.

5. Update my  about section.

6. Create a recipes tab.

7. Create a contact tab

8. Participate in a weekly group post like WIAW, etc.

9. Create a Google Reader. Currently I only use the wordpress reader or my bookmarks to check out different blogs.

10. Understand RSS feed. (I know-I’m such a newbie!)

11. Find and reach out to local bloggers.

12. Participate in a review for a company.

Not quite 28 goals, but I think that its a good start. Some of my goals might be a bit out there, but I have to dream big!


Interestingly enough, the goal setting for my blog has carried over to my daily life as well. I have suddenly come up with all sorts of ideas for goals in February. I seemed to have missed the whole New Year’s resolution band wagon. After experiencing a lot of ups and downs during the month of January, I am excited for a fresh start!

What goals have you set for yourself lately?

Are you joining in on the 28 Day Blogging Challenge?


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3 responses to “The 28 Days of Blogging: Goals, Goals, Goals

  1. I like this! Right now my blog is just what it is. I’ve put it as a priority come July so I’ll have to look to you for guidance then! This is an awesome idea.

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