February Goals

I was feeling a bit ambitious last week when I made my goals for February! I made blog goals, fitness, health, and life goals… So many goals! Although I have to say that too many goals are probably better than no goals at all. There are definitely times when I avoid making goals for fear of failing to accomplish them. My mindset for February is to do my best at reaching my goals, but not to stress if everything isn’t perfect! Realizing that I can’t make everything happen is part of my ‘de-stressing’ for health mentality that I am trying to embrace.

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Goals, Goals, Goals!

There are already a few goals that I haven’t met. Specifically, I am trying to limit the amount of time that I spend online checking my email, reading blogs, etc. I haven’t stuck to my goals for this, but I have become a lot more aware of how many times I am checking my email (I do it often just out of boredom). However, having specific goals for my blog has definitely motivated to be more active within the blog world and to post a bit more regularly!

Now let’s talk about what I have done! I tried a kickboxing class for the first time last week. It was fun and energizing. It was nice to work out with other people and meet new faces. I ran twice this week, which is huge considering I only run outside. The cold is less than motivating when it comes to running! Also, today is my third day of no coffee! So far I haven’t had any negative effects. I have read so many different things on coffee-some say its good, others say its bad. I love coffee and usually have 1 cup a day, but I want to see if I notice a difference without it (stress on adrenals, blood sugar etc.).

What’s you take on coffee?

Any big goals for February?

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