Songs that Take You Back

I have been a little MIA lately. Oops. Let’s just say that winter is definitely taking it’s toll on me here in bitter cold upstate NY. I am insanely jealous when I read blogs with pictures of running in the sunshine! Needless to say, my motivation to post hasn’t been the greatest, but I am slowly coming up with some awesome ideas for future posts!

The idea for this post came when I was giving a silent thanks for Pandora and my ipod speaker. It is the basically the first thing that I turn on when I get home or wake up. Music puts me in such a better mood! Then I started thinking about all the different songs that I have been obsessed with at different times of my life. You know, those songs that you hear and they take you immediately back to a specific time in your life? I have so many of them! And since I am sure you are dying to know, I decided I’d share them with you. Beware, my choice of music is ALL over the place! Anything from Luke Bryan to Brian Adams, Alanis Morisette, and a little Pitbull.

When I was little, we drove to Florida almost every winter to visit my grandparents. That meant a day and a half spent bickering with my brother in the back seat. And listening to eighties rock on tape. Are we there yet?! Even now, I still love the old school rock!

Remember this song? Nelly and Kelly Rowland take me right back to middle school dances. Oh my gosh. I get nervous and excited just thinking about those crazy nights of awkward dancing and gossiping in the corner about our crushes. And waiting and hoping that a boy (specifically my crush!) would ask me to dance. Ugh. Glad that’s over!

I was mildly obsessed with this song and Alanis Morisette throughout high school. I think it sums up the moody, confusing high school experience fairly well. I loved quotes and lyrics, and Alanis seemed to always have what I needed! Watching the video is slightly hysterical…and probably a fairly good impression of what I look like when I am jamming out by myself in the car!

This song will forever be my anthem for summer. Specifically, last summer and my new found independence! Moving into my apartment, working a job that I loved, and having a ton of time to go on fun adventures made it quite a summer to remember. (And is making winter twice as hard!)

I’ve already decided that this will be my future anthem for summer. Hearing it just makes me insanely happy. And crave having a tan and wearing shorts.

And the last one…This is the current song that I love and immediately want to dance when I hear it!

So tell me, what songs are you loving now? What are the songs that take you back?

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