Friday Things

It’s Friday! As I mentioned previously, I am struggling with the winter blahs. I would love some ideas for kicking these blahs for good! However, there have been a few good things in my life lately! Also known as my current obsessions!

1. Mexican Food. I finally got my fix with a taco salad from a local mexican restaurant. I picked up salads for my Mama and I and it totally made the day better! Plus, they were delicious!

Best lunch of the week!

Best lunch of the week!

2. Chocolate chips. I love chocolate chips. If I am craving chocolate, I’d rather have chocolate chips than anything else. Specifically, these. Dark chocolate Ghiradhelli is where it’s at! I love that they are a little bigger than other chocolate chips because it makes them perfect for snacking, er, I mean cookies!

3.Ellen Degeneres . And more specifically, her talk show. I find her hysterical, plus she is always giving away money and trips!

4. Grey’s Anatomy. I am only about 8 years behind on this, I know. But I am catching up quickly! And now I am obsessed with the drama, the medical knowledge, and of course Alex Karev.

Oh Goodness.

5. Awards Shows. Other than reading the occasional People magazine, I don’t keep up with celebrity gossip or fashion. However, I get so much enjoyment out of watching the awards shows! The Grammys, ACMs, whatever it is, I’ll watch it! I love seeing how the celebrities interact with each other and seeing their outfits. Plus, you never know what is going to happen! I totally plan on watching the Oscars this weekend!

Do you have big plans for the weekend? Are you watching the Oscars? (Please say yes!)


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4 responses to “Friday Things

  1. Oh wow, I could seriously dive head-first into that taco salad! And I’m not a huge chocolate person sop I rarely ever buy it, but I’m always sure to have some mini chocolate chips in my pantry for late night snacking…er I mean BAKING! 😉

    Not big on awards shows or celebrity anything…but I still to this day cannot resist flipping through a People magazine almost every time I’m in line at the supermarket! Lol

  2. Molly

    That’s one of the huge things I love about Ellen – she’s just so flippin’ generous! 🙂

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