Spring Ahead!

I am so glad that it was time to ‘Spring Ahead!’ I am finally starting to feel like spring might actually be arriving soon. I’ve been able to get outside and go for runs without 7 layers of clothing on, I hear birds chirping in the morning, and the sun has even made an appearance at times! Things can only get better from here!

High school basketball season is finally over. Huge relief. That is one endeavor that didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would, but I learned a lot about basketball and coaching techniques. Now, I am on to bigger and better things like, Girls on the Run! A fantastic program that I am so thrilled to be a part of. It is a running and character education program for girls in third through fifth grade. At the end of the ten weeks, the girls run in a celebratory 5k. I absolutely cannot wait to meet the girls on my team!

I went to the coaches’ training for Girls on the Run a few weeks ago and it was such an eye opening experience. Over 20 coaches shared their stories of running, sports, and life, and the tears were flowing! I never expected to meet so many other women who are just as passionate about this program as I am! It was amazing to see how many women are dedicating themselves to making a difference in a little girl’s life.

And it’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day!! I don’t plan on doing a whole lot to celebrate besides eating the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner. I do love a good excuse to wear green and tell people that I am only eating green foods though. Haha…Spinach and broccoli anyone?!

Have you heard of Girls on the Run?

What do you do to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

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