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It’s been a year since I started this blog and I am still figuring out which direction I am headed with it. I have bursts of blogging motivation and then I have periods where I am just not feeling it. And then there is the whole time commitment. Especially if I am doing an informative post-the research takes time! Sometimes I feel silly, and other times I remind myself that I started this blog for me-not for anyone else. Anyways, life has been fairly busy lately: substitute teaching at three different schools, waitressing nights and weekends, along with some fun stuff! Today marks the first day of my ‘Spring Break’ according to the school schedule, despite the less than spring like weather. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

The Main Attraction

The Main Attraction

The Birthday Bash: Last week was my brother’s birthday and his spring break from college. I was so pumped to see him, even if it was only for a couple of days. We had lots to catch up on! Our family tradition for birthdays is that we get to choose what we’d like to have for dinner and dessert. Chicken fajitas and dense chocolate cake!

Yes please!

Yes Please!

Last week my Mom and I took a day to go shopping and out for lunch. It was a much-needed day! I always forget how exhausting shopping is though! I hadn’t been to Target in ages and was needing to get my fix. I have been wanting to buy some things to make my apartment a little more ‘home-y’. And lunch at Panera is always a win!

Perfect for a Gloomy Day: Vegetable Soup plus a Grilled Ham and Cheese!

Perfect for a Gloomy Day: Vegetable Soup plus a Grilled Ham and Cheese!

Signs of Spring: I am finally starting to crave my giant salads again. During the winter I crave warm comfort food, so salads have taken a backseat for a bit, but my love for a huge plate of veggies is slowly coming back! Must be a sign of Spring!

One Benefit of Waitressing: The Salad Bar!

One Benefit of Waitressing: The Salad Bar!

Another sign of Spring? The Gerbera daisies that my Mom surprised me with at work! I was so excited when she showed up with these beauties!


Happy Spring!

School Stories: I have decided that the worst area to substitute teach for is band or music. Ugh. This is mostly because I am not musically inclined in the least bit. I have also come to the conclusion that allowing 30 middle school students to have musical instruments should be questioned. Most of them use them as noise makers, not music makers! Plus, the last time that I subbed for a band teacher the room was a disaster. And check out part of the plans that she left me:

Check Period 4!

Check Period 4!

Um, clean up your room? No thank you. I couldn’t believe that this request was part of the teacher’s plans. I had never subbed for that teacher before so how was I supposed to know what to do with the piles of paper and random instrument pieces laying everywhere? Messy classrooms are a pet peeve of mine, can you tell?!

The other day I subbed in a Kindergarten classroom and first thing in the morning one little boy gave me this to ‘save and eat after my lunch.’

The Perfect After Lunch Dessert!

No Portion Control Needed!

A single jellybean! How sweet of him! I thought this was incredibly amusing, but I didn’t eat the jellybean-too many questions concerning its whereabouts!

Even though I am still working at my waitressing job over Spring Break, I am looking forward to having some more down time. I am also hoping that the sun will begin to make more of an appearance so I can get some good runs in!

Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?

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