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Flashback Friday: Dirty Girl Run Recap

This post has been a long time coming. I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September. Oops. At the time I was kind of on a hiatus from blogging. The Dirty Girl Mud Run is an obstacle course designed for women of all fitness levels. Part of the funding for the race goes towards breast cancer research. the race focuses on providing women with a fun way to step out of their comfort zones. I signed up with a friend as a last minute deal. So we ended with a start time of 8am. Good thing I am a morning person!

Chocolatey, carb goodness!

Chocolatey, carb goodness!

The race was two hours away, so I stayed with my brother the night before. I also made sure to carb up with a sweet potato topped with yogurt, sunbutter, and chocolate chips! Not sure if this really helped with the run, but it was tasty! I didn’t sleep very well the night before the race due to nerves-I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this!

My 5am Happy Face!

My 5am Happy Face!

We were on way to the race venue at 5:30 am. Unfortunately, it was raining. However, this didn’t end up being much of an issue because rain or no rain, we still would have gotten muddy! The race was being held at a ski resort. We arrived and picked up our race packets, or numbers, tshirt, and necklace. I was under the impression that we would have a whole bag of goodies, but that was a no go.

The calm before the mud!

The calm before the mud!

Before the start of the race the announcers played music and pumped up the crowd. We were all super nervous and cold and just wanted to run! The course started out at a serious incline. My friend and ran on the outside of the crowd and I managed to get ahead of a lot of the other runners.

Check out the incline that we were met with at the start!

Check out the incline that we were met with at the start!

The first obstacle was a huge, inflated incline. Slippery fun! After the first obstacle, my nerves started to disappear. Because we were in such an early heat, there were very few runners around us. This made going over the obstacles much easier. The other obstacles included walking through mud and water pits, climbing over walls, crawling through mud underneath a net, and climbing over a huge cargo net. The cargo net was the most difficult obstacle for us-we were so nervous about falling! And heights are not my favorite.

The Course Map

The Course Map

Besides a few intense hills, I would say that the run itself was fairly easy. I felt like I was running with a huge grin on my face-I was so happy to be running through the mud and climbing over the obstacles!



At the end of the race we had our picture taken and it was immediately sent to us via text message. Technology is so wonderful! After getting cleaned up we wandered around some of the venues. And purchased some of the Dirty Girl goodies! This may have been my favorite part of the day! I snatched up a new tech running pullover and a sweet beanie. I have a bit of an obsession with all things clothes!

The end result: muddy and happy!

The end result: muddy and happy!

I would definitely recommend participating in a Dirty Girl Run. I would also suggest doing it with a larger group of friends/family-there were all sorts of groups with fun outfits!

Have you participated in a Dirty Girl Run or similar obstacle run before?



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The 28 Days of Blogging: Goals, Goals, Goals

Happy First Day of February! The first day of the month is always refreshing for me-it is like a clean slate ready for new goals and adventures!I recently stumbled upon Katy Widrick’s incredibly helpful and informative blog and discovered that she was hosting a 28 Day Blog Challenge. This challenge is focused on building not only a better blog, but also a better blog community! Check out Katy’s Challenge Loop Link to join the fun!


I have been reading blogs for years, but didn’t work up the courage to have one of my own until last spring. I have yet to establish a blogging routine or focus. I blog when I feel like I have something worth sharing and the blogging ‘bug’ seems to come and go. My lack of knowledge pertaining to technology and blogging can also be a huge obstacle at times! I know that I’d like to focus on fitness, nutrition, and health overall, but I am still struggling to find my niche. So, I am super excited to take part in this 28 day challenge. I have some ideas for goals that I’d like to accomplish during this time, but I am also looking forward to Katy’s recommendations and I’d like to learn a few blogging tips along the way!

They say the one of the easiest ways to make sure you accomplish your goals is to share them with the world, so here goes!

February Blogging Goals:

1. Comment on at least 3  different blogs every day. Or have a total of 21 comments each week.

2. 3 New Recipes for the month of February.

3. Start a Twitter Account?

4. Blog at least 3 times a week for the month of February. This will help me focus on my consistency with blogging.

5. Update my  about section.

6. Create a recipes tab.

7. Create a contact tab

8. Participate in a weekly group post like WIAW, etc.

9. Create a Google Reader. Currently I only use the wordpress reader or my bookmarks to check out different blogs.

10. Understand RSS feed. (I know-I’m such a newbie!)

11. Find and reach out to local bloggers.

12. Participate in a review for a company.

Not quite 28 goals, but I think that its a good start. Some of my goals might be a bit out there, but I have to dream big!


Interestingly enough, the goal setting for my blog has carried over to my daily life as well. I have suddenly come up with all sorts of ideas for goals in February. I seemed to have missed the whole New Year’s resolution band wagon. After experiencing a lot of ups and downs during the month of January, I am excited for a fresh start!

What goals have you set for yourself lately?

Are you joining in on the 28 Day Blogging Challenge?


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Whole 30: Goals and Reflection

I previously wrote about surviving the Whole 30 through the food point of view. Thinking about it now, I’d have to say that I didn’t merely ‘survive’ on the Whole 30. I lived! There was very little suffering or torture. I started out (and completed) the Whole 30 with my sense of humor and adventure fully intact. I was in it to see what would happen. I had a few minor goals:

  •     Increase my energy levels
  •     Use and view food as fuel, rather than something to do (aka limit snacking!)
  •     Stop using food as a source of comfort and focus on healthy, whole foods, rather than treats!

The major things that I had to learn to do without out or change were:

  • Using olive oil and vinegar instead of dressings and marinades (I loved this change!)
  • No more gum!! I was the gum queen. Think: at least 3 different kind of gum in my bag at all times. Gum after lunch and any meal out, plus gum for those snacky times, or when I was feeling stressed. I liked to chew my anxiety off! Bad habit much?

And was it really that difficult? Nope! I crave balsamic vinegar now. Along with mustard for my salads. There are so many options! As for the gum, I am better off without the added chemicals, and rarely think about it now. And I am adding years to my overused jaw! So I will continue without gum in my life.

I also discovered how much I use food for comfort. Had a bad day? Chocolate it is! Feeling cold and tired? Chocolate and tea it is! Weekends mean family time and yummy homemade desserts. Not that this is so bad. But when it becomes an every night occurrence and an all weekend eating fest? Slightly unhealthy. Plus, that chocolate is not going to end my worries or solve my energy woes. Quite the opposite actually. So, I really enjoyed cutting my ties to the sugar and no longer having the givemeanythingsweetrightnow cravings.

Changing the Focus

Unlike times when I have tried to cut out added sugar and my thoughts revolved around how I could create something semi-dessert like, the Whole30 engaged me in focusing on the health of my entire being. I wasn’t doing the Whole30 to lose weight or get in shape, I was doing it to become healthier: both mentally and physically. I wanted to change the way that I use food. Food is fuel. And sometimes a comfort. But it should be mainly viewed as a way to nourish and support your body. For example, Halloween with no candy?! Some may say that is crazy. But why use a holiday as an excuse to consume copious amounts of sugar in the form of mass-produced candy and other franken foods? Instead, it was a meatza night. And no sugar hangover the next day!

Happy Halloween Whole 30 Style: Meatza and salad, Fresh Apple, and Batty socks!

Goals Accomplished?

Did I complete the Whole30? Yes. Am I dramatically new and different person in regards to food and health? No. These things take more than 30 days people. Will I continue to practice the Whole30 philosophy in my daily life? YES! My energy is still not quite where I would like it to be. But, I will continue to focus on making sure that I get enough good, quality sleep. And that the mental stress of life does not completely take over my health. There were definitely some tough days during the Whole30. Specifically feeling down and tired-especially at the end. I think that this may have been due to not having enough carbs (sweet potatoes and squash!) in my meals. Social times were often a little stressful as well. Not being able to enjoy the same food as others and worrying about what to eat out was a bit stressful. Thankfully, there were only a few times when I felt ‘left out.’ I had to remind myself that I was making the choice to complete the Whole30 and I could not bring others down with my food worries! And I did not go out to eat at all!

Will I Whole30 Again?

The short answer: Yes! I love the philosophy behind the Whole30 and the Whole9, I never felt deprived with the food that I was eating, and I like knowing that I am providing my body with the best nutrition possible!

The long answer: I plan to combat the holiday eating fest (aka the month of December) with mini Whole5 or 8 etc., I will continue to incorporate the philosophy of Whole9 into my daily life. Using food as fuel, but indulging when it counts, and focusing on my overall health. I will be doing another Whole30 in January. I am also going to up the ante: no coffee. Possibly no nuts. Rough life eh? Actually, I am very curious about the effect that coffee may be having on my energy issues. Until then though, coffee in the morning is a must!

Would you be up for the Whole30 Challenge?

What nutrition and/or fitness goals are you currently working on?


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