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Spring Cleaning: Whole30 Style


My Easter Puppy

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! I spent the day with my family and it went entirely too fast. After many months of consideration and chocolate, I have decided that it is time for another Whole30. I have been using food as comfort for the past few months and I need a reset to get back to using food as energy. The winter months tend to get to me, so I find myself using chocolate and yummy family dinners to cure a bad mood, bad day, rough week…You get the idea.

I did my first Whole30 back in the Fall. It was definitely a learning experience-I could no longer use Friday nights as a my eat anything because its Friday and I am exhausted. My Mom and completed the Whole30 together, and I think having her for support and accountability were huge factors in my success. Two major things that I discovered during my first Whole30:

1. I function better with larger meals and less snacking. The Whole30 encourages participants to eat 3 meals a day with no snacks in between, unless there is a post workout meal. Before this, I thought that I needed to eat every 3 hours. And I did, because otherwise I would become shaky and irritable. However, by eating 3 larger meals a day, I was able to get rid of that low blood sugar feeling between meals because my insulin levels weren’t constantly changing. At first I had a hard time getting enough to eat at a meal to hold me over to the next, but I figured out that healthy fats like avocado are my best friends!

2. Sugarless Gum is Over-rated. I used to be the gum queen. Ask me for a piece of gum and I’d have at least three options for you to choose from. Now? I haven’t had a piece of gum in months! And I rarely think about or miss it. I used gum as a stress reducer and in place of mindless snacking. Ironically, I think it probably just wore my jaw out and made me crave sugar even more.

My Goals for this Whole30:

1. Focus on 3 solid meals a day.

2. Get rid of my sugar craving after every meal.

3. Stop using food for comfort!

I also plan on making food ahead of time, starting with Paleomg’s Sweet Potato Enchiladas. Her recipes are amazing! Having pre-made meals is much more convenient, and it requires less thinking about food!

Do you have any goals for April?


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Its no secret that I have trouble making decisions. Usually, it is the small things, like what to have when eating at a restaurant, or whether I should buy something. Larger decisions usually involve thinking on it for a few days (or weeks), talking it through with others, and then finally deciding. I thought I was getting better at not over-thinking and over-analyzing things, but lately I have been having trouble deciding even the smallest of things: which birthday card to choose, what to plan for my lunches through the week, which size shirt to buy, whether I should buy things that aren’t absolutely ‘necessary.’ And the list goes on. I have decided that this probably means that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with my schedule and to-do list.

Ironically, the smaller the decision, the greater stress it causes. The decisions to be a nanny for the summer, run a cross country trail race, register for a half marathon all came fairly easily to me. Maybe because I am always up for a challenge and trying new things? Or maybe because they involve things that I am passionate about.

In the grand scheme of things, these decisions that I am stressing over are tiny. I probably won’t remember them in a week, much less a year. I have been learning how to make decisions or choices for my entire life. As a teacher, I give students choices. They have a choice to participate with the class or do their classwork during recess. Most of the time, my students make the right choice. I rarely see students agonizing over small choices like what to have for lunch or which game to play at recess. They follow their instincts and do what they want to do rather than analyzing the consequences or other options. The result: kids experience little to no stress when compared to adults!

I need to remind myself to follow my instincts-the first choice is usually the best choice! The worst decisions are the decisions that you don’t make. Rather than allowing the fear of making the wrong choice to take over, I’d rather jump in feet first. No matter the choice, there’s bound to be some learning and discovery along the way!


Do you ever get overwhelmed by choices or decisions?


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Nuts for!

I have a secret to share with you today. The secret of! This is an amazing online bulk foods store that I have been ordering from for about a year now. Every few months I order my stock of almond flour, coconut flour, coconut (shredded and flaked), dried dates, plus whatever other goodies happen to find their way into my shopping cart! The best part? Well, there are actually several best ‘parts.’ Once you have placed your order, you can expect to have your goodies within 2-3 days. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 2 days. And I have actually had my box of healthiness arrive the very next day after placing my order! Plus, shipping is incredibly reasonable, especially for the quick delivery!

Bags of Happiness!

Bags of Happiness!

After my most recent order, I decided to contact to see if I could do a review for them. Being the fantastic company that they are, they gave me the go ahead! The goods in my last order included almond and coconut flour for my paleo treats, dates (recipe to come), shredded and flaked coconut, and I also discovered Cranberry Nut Kale Granola! I love the granola-it is more of a snack type granola than a cereal granola. There are no added sweeteners or crazy long list of ingredients. In addition to what I had ordered, I also received a surprise sample of dried figs-yum! They taste like candy to me! I love the dates for this reason as well, and plan on using them as pre-run fuel.

Check it out!

Check it out!

One of my favorite things about is the playfulness and fun that the company incorporates into their products. All of the products some in brightly colored, resealable bags, with a cute message on the back. The box that the products are shipped in is also covered in entertaining quotes and messages. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of mine! has a huge array of goodies, from chocolate to nuts, baking ingredients, dried fruits, and different snack mixes. I often have difficulty limiting myself when I go exploring on this site! The company also allows you to create your own custom trail mix (and the options are limitless!). In addition to this, they also have different tins and baskets that you can fill with all sorts of different nuts, snack mixes, and sweets. I love the versatility of this-it can be made for anyone and as healthy as you’d like! Who wouldn’t love a tin of nuts and chocolate for Valentine’s Day?!

P.S. I am not being compensated by for this post, I just want to share how awesome this company is!

What is your favorite trail mix ingredient?


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