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Its no secret that I have trouble making decisions. Usually, it is the small things, like what to have when eating at a restaurant, or whether I should buy something. Larger decisions usually involve thinking on it for a few days (or weeks), talking it through with others, and then finally deciding. I thought I was getting better at not over-thinking and over-analyzing things, but lately I have been having trouble deciding even the smallest of things: which birthday card to choose, what to plan for my lunches through the week, which size shirt to buy, whether I should buy things that aren’t absolutely ‘necessary.’ And the list goes on. I have decided that this probably means that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with my schedule and to-do list.

Ironically, the smaller the decision, the greater stress it causes. The decisions to be a nanny for the summer, run a cross country trail race, register for a half marathon all came fairly easily to me. Maybe because I am always up for a challenge and trying new things? Or maybe because they involve things that I am passionate about.

In the grand scheme of things, these decisions that I am stressing over are tiny. I probably won’t remember them in a week, much less a year. I have been learning how to make decisions or choices for my entire life. As a teacher, I give students choices. They have a choice to participate with the class or do their classwork during recess. Most of the time, my students make the right choice. I rarely see students agonizing over small choices like what to have for lunch or which game to play at recess. They follow their instincts and do what they want to do rather than analyzing the consequences or other options. The result: kids experience little to no stress when compared to adults!

I need to remind myself to follow my instincts-the first choice is usually the best choice! The worst decisions are the decisions that you don’t make. Rather than allowing the fear of making the wrong choice to take over, I’d rather jump in feet first. No matter the choice, there’s bound to be some learning and discovery along the way!


Do you ever get overwhelmed by choices or decisions?



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Up Close and Personal

Hello! I borrowed this survey from Emily, who borrowed it from Aubrey, who I believe is the creator of the most recent survey going around in the blog world. This survey is more unique than the other surveys because the questions are deeper than the usual what’s your favorite way to eat sweet potatoes/granola/Chobani etc…. And what better way to share my true personality than an up close and personal question and answer session? Refill your coffee mug and get comfy, this may take awhile!

10 Questions About My Personality

1. When a cashier in the checkout line at the grocery store is being a grump for no reason, how do you typically react?

Often, cashiers don’t say anything to me before they start checking me out. I have always blamed it on that I look young so they think that it doesn’t matter. However, who doesn’t appreciate being acknowledge? If a cashier doesn’t say anything, how are you today? Etc., I say it to them first instead. Lots of times they seem surprised when this happens. I work as a waitress, so I understand that sometimes people just aren’t feeling the most social. I feel like it puts a positive spin on a sometimes awkward situation.

2. Are you the type that likes going out with your girlfriends or staying in?

I think I like the idea of going out dancing etc., but the whole up late and feeling crappy the next day usually hold me back from following through with it. Plus, I have never been into that ‘scene.’ I’d much rather stay in with a bunch of people-much more relaxing and no worries about getting home.

3. Do you sob and get emotional watching romance movies?

Kristen Bell once explained her emotions as a scale of 1-10. If she is between a 5 and a 7 she’s great, but anything above or below means she’s crying. This totally fits me. Too happy, too sad, the waterworks begin (although I have to say its more tears running down my face rather than full out sobbing)! I handle my emotions better on some days than others, but I definitely working this aspect of myself!

FYI: Kristen explains emotions. I find this video hysterical…mostly because it’s the story of my life.

4. What stresses you out the most?

Not knowing what is going to happen. Whether its today, next week, or next year, I need to know who, what, when, and why. I am working on being more spontaneous, but I have noticed that the more stress factors that have in my life, the less likely I am able to just go with the flow. Type A much??

5. What do you think people think of you?

People most likely think that I am a nice, quiet, do gooder. Ugh. The people who actually know me know that I do like to talk and can be very goofy (is there a better word for this?). People have a tendency to think I am in a bad mood, but that’s because I don’t walk around with a huge grin on my face for nothing. I also tend to show my emotions on my face without realizing it-not always a good thing!

6. When you overindulge do you hit the gym to burn it all off, or just accept the indulgence and follow your same routine?

I might go for an extra walk/run, but usually I just accept the indulgence and plan on using it as extra energy for an awesome workout! Life is all about moderation!

7. Are you easily annoyed?

Normally, I would say no. I try not to let little things bother me and on my best days I can usually laugh annoyances off easily. Except for in the morning. I don’t like to talk to anyone in the morning. I like my quiet time then.

8. What do you think is your biggest personality flaw?

I can be a control freak. There I said it. For as long as I can remember, I have always needed to have some sense of control over whatever situation I am in. As the older sibling, I was constantly bossing my brother around when we were little. I cringe at these memories. And feel guilty. There’s another flaw-guilt! This mostly comes from wanting everything to be perfect. My school and college experiences were very stressful because of this ‘perfectionism’ trait. Some people talk about wanting to go back, but ohmygosh no thank you!! The whole completing work and people grading it with little to no feedback or guidance is just way too much for me. I was a very successful student, but I definitely stressed myself out to the extreme.

9. What is one thing you don’t think people see enough of when it comes to your personality?

I love to talk to people and make crazy jokes….but I find it hard to share this side of myself with people. Especially if they have already made the assumption that I am quiet. Hatethatword.

10. Can you feel relaxed in a busy crowd or messy room?

I definitely don’t like busy crowds. I am very aware of my personal space, and I get anxious/uncomfortable when people ignore this! Messy rooms don’t bother me as much-they have more of an effect when I am stressed.

What I learned from this: stress is not good for me! It seems to bring out all of the negative emotions and responses.

Do you handle stress well? What do you do to ‘manage’ it?

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