Saint Patrick’s Day: My Week of Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! I hope that you are wearing green! I don’t have many traditions or memories associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, but I love an excuse to eat green food all day long (not that I have trouble with this during any other time!). One of the only memories that I have of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities is from primary school when our class came back from lunch and the entire classroom was turned upside down and the water in the toilet bowl was tainted green. My entire class was in hysterics (imagine 22 6-year old children!) when my teacher claimed that a leprechaun had been the culprit.

Breakfast of Leprechauns: Eggs, broccoli, pork sausage, and sauerkraut!

Breakfast of Leprechauns: Eggs, broccoli, pork sausage, and sauerkraut!

I started out my Saint Patrick’s Day with a green and yellow breakfast (sounds appetizing doesn’t it?!). I have had a thing for sauerkraut lately and it is supposed to be really great for your digestive system. I happened to find a jar with just cabbage and salt on the ingredient list and knew I had to get it! Although I am not participating in a Saint Patrick’s day run, I did make sure to wear green during my solo run this morning!

My favorite green under armour shirt

My favorite green Under Armour shirt!

Some other green things in my life lately include my snazzy new vacuum cleaner. I know you’re jealous! Confession time: I have always slightly enjoyed vacuuming. It was always sort of my job when I lived at home and I didn’t mind. Even now, it seems weird that my mom has to vacuum the house and I am not there to help. Take that as you will! And now that I have a bright green vacuum cleaner, I am going to enjoy vacuuming even more! Okay, now that my ode to my vacuum cleaner is over…

Beautiful right?!

Beautiful right?!

Another thing I kind of love? Furniture shopping browsing. Playing musical couches and imagining all of the different possibilities without spending any money? So much fun! Actually, I am sort of looking to buy a recliner. One of those huge, comfy chairs that you don’t want to ever get out of. I am not sure why-I am not exactly a sit and watch television kind of girl, but I love the idea of having a recliner. And my couch needs some company! My Dad and I went to a local furniture store to check out some of their Saint Patrick’s Day deals. I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without, but it was fun to try all of the chairs out!

Recliner Heaven!

Recliner Heaven!

I had another meeting for Girls on the Run to go over final details and pick up our supplies. Each coach received an awesome tote bag to haul all of our goodies around in. We were also able to purchase some cute t-shirts and I can’t wait to represent! Our team is slowly filling up and we will be beginning practice in a week!


I also got my hair cut this week. I always feel so much better after a hair cut. This time was no different. I was in desperate need of a trim! My hairdresser gave me a tutorial on how to put my hair up in a poof. I have tried since then, but I think I need a little more practice! I feel like I am the only person in the world who is not capable of creating this hair phenomenon.

Hair Cut

Awkward self photo, but you get the idea!

And finally, my words of green wisdom:


I can’t remember where I found this, but it has been my motto for this week. I have a tendency to dwell and over think on things, and this week seems to be especially rough. So this quote was perfect for me! I even have it on my phone as my lock screen in order to serve as a reminder to just breathe and let things go.

Do you have any Saint Patrick’s Day traditions?

Did you participate in a Saint Patrick’s Day race/run?

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